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User Guide Redzone App

User Guide for the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App

Thank you for participating in the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management application Beta group. You are part of a truly is a select group that was hand picked to help guide us. Along the way we know your own business will benefit.

The tool is built on 15 years of success with top sales performers in its previous versions. If you have been a coaching client odds are you already know it’s power. We have listened to our customers and the feedback was clear “top sales people work differently”.  With that in mind we’ve taken their feedback then turned this application’s predecessors into an even more powerful and accessible sales empowerment tool.

Our commitment to your success and to professional selling is stronger than ever. We are genuinely grateful for your input, your trust in us, and for sharing your successes through out this journey.

Of course we’re excited to take the next steps and put the tool in the hands of the selling world. After of course incorporating feedback, input, and suggestions.

Our goal is simple. It’s to help even more sales people who are aspiring to become top performs achieve their goals, be recognized as top salespeople and build amazing rewarding careers.

Sincerely thank you again for helping us achieve this dream.  Happy Selling!

Steve Urell & Tim Kubiak

That’s Nice Guys What’s Next? (Can we go sell something already!)

This is your online guide to make sure you get the most out of the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App. The tool is powerful but remember it’s a beta so there’s a few steps extra steps (or mouse clicks) many of you will need to follow. Below is everything you need to get going and some videos to help you out as well.

An email has been sent to you by  with a link to a file download site. You will download an executable file (this is the app) and a sample WBD file (a example of a deal).

Your activation Code/Key is included in the email.

If you can’t find the email look in your spam folder. If it’s not there ping us and we’ll get you taken care of.

Because this is a beta version it is not “digitally signed”. Browser and Antivirus warnings will happen and are to be expected.

  • Tell your browser to keep it.
  • When you launch the .exe windows will warn you it’s potentially harmful. Continue ahead.
  • Celebrate that it worked, call (text or WhatsApp) us if you have issues.
  • Watch the videos if you want to see what the screens look like for Edge, Firefox and Chrome on a Windows 10 machine.
  • The license key for your beta version is in the email you were sent from Tim.  You will only need to cut and paste it the first time your launch a version of the app.
  • If we send a new version out during the trial a new key will be provided in the email that included that download link. 


  • Always Open the App FIRST
  • Go to the location on your PC where the EXE file is located and double click it.
  • This opens a Version of the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management Application where all the input fields are empty.
  • If you are working on a new opportunity begin filling in the information, remember to hit save as before closing. (there is no auto save yet)
  • Happy selling….

Each opportunity should be started from a blank work book. Launch the .EXE file and you are good to go.

  • After you have filled out deal specifics in the scouting input tab do a save as. (The beta doesn’t have an auto saving feature for work in progress. Safety first!)
  • If working on an existing opportunity do a “save as” with a new version number so you can compare any changes made during the selling cycle.
  • Watch the “Save Me” Video for best practices.


  • Always Open the App FIRST
  • Go to the location on your PC where the EXE file is located and double click it.
  • This opens a Version of the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management Application where all the input fields are empty.
  • If you want to work on a existing opportunity go to file, open, and select the deal you want to work on that ends in .WBD
  • Start selling….

Note as of 08/14/2020 there are documented print issues with blank pages.  Kill trees at your own discretion the developers are working on it.

  1. Only people with an authorized copy of the RedZone sales opportunity management application can open a wbd file. Sharing is caring so keep reading
  2. To print – go file print, choose your printer
  3. We recommend landscape formatting to the graphs are easy to read
  4. To create a shareable document choose print, select Microsoft pdf writer from the drop down, format, hit print, save it where you can find it again.  Then send it to friends, coaches, etc.

Everyone works differently so

  • Yes you can call Steve or Tim. (Text, WhatsApp, and Carrier Pigeon work as well)
  • Submit any info you want via the dedicated data collection form. Yes it has captcha, no we can’t change it. Why? Spam bots and Tim is grumpy if he gets spammed all night long and can’t sleep.
  • If you want to send a sample .wbd file for review send it to with the subject “RedZone Beta Sample Attached”.  In the body of the mail include any additional info we need. The team will review it an be in touch.
  • For Existing Clients if you are comparing the New app with the “Gold Copy” of the old tool and notice any variances please note where the difference is and send the Gold copy version and the WBD version to with the “Subject Beta Variance” 

Not sure if what you found has been reported by another beta user? Before turning things up to 11 here’s a quick list of issues and resolution status. As always if you’re not sure it’s exactly the same report it, or call us.

On August 5th the following Items Were Submitted to the Development Team for Resolution






Game Film Analysis Tab

Player 3, 4th Buying Criteria

No Graph Showing

Closed 09/15


Player Summary

Player 3

Calculation Does Not match Gold Copy Version

Closed 09/15


Player Summary Tab

Player 3

“Jim W” Output is 39 on app, 51 on GC

Closed 09/15


Scouting Input Tab

All Drop Down Menus.

Can Not Un-select a weighting or competitve  once a selection has been made


 Highlight the field and hit the delete button on the keyboard

Scouting Input Tab

Scouting Input Tab

Tabbing not working / or In consistent



Game Film Analysis Ta

Game Film Analysis Ta

Bar graphs with identical numbers in different buying criteria are not identical in length

Closed 09/15





WBD file Open Issues

Opening with out launch App

You must launch the Exe/app prior to opening a saved “Deal” for the player summary graphs to display correctly



Need for Version control in saved “deals”


If a no “save as” function is performed in a wbd there is no way to look at the previous input



No “Auto Save” while working




Beta Version Opens to game plan tab rather than scouting input tab




Video Killed The Radio Star (How to Videos for the App)

App Download and Install Video. – See What the Download looks like, the associated warnings, and permissions need to get get started. This video also covers installing the product key on first time use.

This next video covers starting and saving a new deal in the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App.  As Well As Opening previously worked on deals and version control best practices