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Sales Coaching POC

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Will Your Benefit from Sales Coaching

Is your team going to benefit from working with me and my team? The answer is like so many answers it depends.  Our next step together builds on the 10-minute call we have already had.

We always take a fully transparent approach with all of our coaching clients. The next step is a 45-minute call to assess a little more closely if we’re a sales coaching fir for you and your team. Additionally it’s important to if you’re a fit for us.  

 Just like you, we want things to be a fit before we move forward. We only want to work with clients where there are aligned needs, capabilities, and goals.

The video below is a quick overview of a customer who followed the same process and we were able to deliver powerful and lasting results.

No one ever benefits by rushing into a decision.   Please use the calendar link below to find a time for us to talk more about your business, goals, and challenges. 

At the end of the call, we’ll tell you if we think we can help.

Likewise, we’ll tell you if we can’t and do our best to referrer to someone who is.

Additional Sales Coaching POC Resources

Want to read ahead? We do the same thing. People don’t wake up and say “today I need a sales coach, any old sales coach will do.” 

I take the approach that 

Platforms + World Class Sales Coaching + Adoption = Peak Performance 

One of the foundations we use is RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App.

Finding the Best Coach for You guide.