Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Answers

Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Program

Prioritize the Right Deals, Understand the Customer Situation, Differentiate from Competition

Prioritize the Right Deals,
Understand the Customer Situation, Differentiate from Competition

Coaching matters a lot more than your Product or solution.

You’re on the verge of making big things happen for you and your business.

You’re about to begin an approach that works for your business every time.

And over the next nine weeks, you’ll develop skills and expertise to transform your sales results like you never imagined.

Accelerate & Compete Unprecedented results takes unprecedented skills and approach

Here are the 9 skills you’ll be coached on in the program


Accelerate, Compete, & Exit Classify the opportunities. Start spending the time where it counts.

Game PLan

Prioritize The Players and Buying Criteria and your messaging

Game Film Analysis

A.C.E. Accelerate, Compete, & Exit Sales Fundamentals. Visualize where you are in the lead and where you're behind

Customer Expectation Level

From the Customer's perspective what is the expectation that needs to be met.

Opportunity Management Introduction

Training Camp for Red Zone Opportunity Management Tool

Competitive Differentiation

A.C.E. Accelerate, Compete, & Exit Sales Fundamentals. Undestanding where you meet or beat the competition.

Customer Perception

What your customer wants and how they see you in the ability to meet their needs.

Strategies and Tactics

Emphasized Your Strengths and Neutralize Your Weaknesses

Buying Criteria

Understand the Decision Makers, their procurement process, and the criteria each player will be using.

Additional Tools

In addition to the skills you get

Red Zone Opportunity Management tool graphic

Red zone Opportunity Management Tool

Access to the Red Zone Opportunity Management Tool that allows you to develop the plan and the plays for your "A" and "B" Opportunities.

Coach Blur For Site

Live Deal Coaching Workshops

Each week after you complete the skills session your sales coaches will work with you on live deals. Collaborate with your peers on best practices. Plus hear about significant wins you and your top performing peer group have had in the past week!

Opportunity Mangement Pitch Deck (Int Revised v1.5.2_53

Over the next nine weeks, you’ll get NINE skills coaching sessions delivered by via web conference and the worksheet delivered to your mailbox in advance.

The program and coaching are designed to have an Immediate Impact on your sales approach after the first session. Change your results, your abilities and your career. We’re there to support you along the way.

After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION. You need more IMPLEMENTATION.

Every week after working sessions you’ll get to work your live deals with your coaches Tim and Steve. All skills sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to them even if you can’t make them live.

Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Opportunity Management Facebook group.


I want this to be no risk for you, so here’s the deal:

Do the program, use the skills, the tools and the sales coaching. If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know at the end of 90 days and I’ll give you all your money back

… If Not Today When?

Take a Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting the

Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Program.  

We’re happy to answer any you have!

No sales person left behind! You will start with best practices early on. Just like we did in our sales careers thanks to the help of great coaches.

Congratualtions on your success. We work with Top Performers and Award winning sales people everyday.  Their feed back to us has been we provide them with the skills and platforms that allow them to scale their business in ways they never imagined.

This program is designed to give individual contributors the ability to invest in their own success.

Don’t wait for your company because they may pick the wrong program if they pick anything at all.

Very simple when you sign up you pick

Tuesdays at XX

Thursdays XX

That’s your time slot for the nine weeks the program runs. If something comes up and you have to miss they’re recorded so no worries.

From the very first week onward you’ll have access to the Red Zone Opportunity Management Tool©.  


Practical, Innovative, and Easy to use concepts and tools! This isn’t theory dreamed up by some guy in a suit. What we teach is used by entry level sales people to Chief Revenue Officers. Every week you can work with us to apply your new skills to every must win opportunity.

You will have the ability to collaborate with a group of other top performing sales professionals on best practices utilized every day.  

Thank you for doing those things, it’s a great starting point! In the Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Program the nine concepts listed above will be explained in detail with specific steps that can be applied to your business. You will get more detailed coaching, game plans and tools. You will also be able to ask your questions live each week in the coaching Sessions, discuss your live opportunities Tim and Steve plus connect with other members.

You will also be working with Tim and other members inside a private Facebook group, between live coaching calls.

Each week the training call will range from 60 to 90 minutes depending on questions. After that there will be up to an hour of live deals work you can choose to participate in. 

Bet on 90 minutes and if you want to go the full 2.5 hours then we’re here for you.

If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Shoot a quick email to with the words ‘SCOMP/QUESTION’ in the subject line and our support team will jump in and help out.

The good news is that you can ask skills-related questions in the Facebook group (you get access when you join), and then Tim can answer your questions and the other members of the program can share their experiences with you.

Every session is recorded. Let us know and we’ll send you a link afterwards that’s good for 7 days. So no worries you won’t miss a thing.

The Sales Coaching and Opportunity Program is 9 weeks long.

The Nine Week Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Program is $2,100 or three Payments of $700.  It’s billed in U.S. Dollar no matter where you are.

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