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Win More Business

If you look at your sales funnel, CRM system, or the note book where the business you expect to do is scribbled down. Maybe you are and lucky it’s filled with customers, prospects, and deals. Do you know which ones really and truly matter? Do you know the deals and their details that can make your month, quarter or even career?

Sales Managers, Leaders, and even Business Owners

Looking across all of that information which of them deserve your time, attention, and the most focus? If you are like most sales people you think you know but get frustrated by the results. You chase after deals based on size not strategy. At the end of every month and quarter you are holding on and chasing opportunities that you need to come in, for you wallet, for your boss, or both. Yet sales slip, they come in late time and again. Then there are the sales you thought you had in the bag, the ones you “thought” were good enough to be taken to the bank. Then there are the others that just go dark. Are you leaving your success up to chance, luck, or even worse yet hope?