High Performance Sales Team Coaching

High Performance Sales Team Coaching

Great Sales Teams Don’t Just Happen. Great Coaching Unleashes Their Potential

Our High-Performance sales team coaching was designed to fit businesses of all sizes. From start-up to SMB to global corporations. Work with Business owners, sales leaders and individuals to brings sales coaching based on real-world challenges and opportunities.


Best Practices

Teams need a simple, easy-to-use methodology that enables sales & to efficiently communicate, & develop the best plans to win.

Reliable and Repeatable

Executive management needs a reliable and re peatable process to accurately forecast numbers and justify critical resource allocation.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s crucial for companies to WIN a higher percentage of their major deals.

Time Sucks

Organizations need to understand when to con tinue to pursue a deal vs. investing more time and resources with little probability of success.


All field sales personnel must be able to break down a complex sales opportunity and develop repeatable winning action plans.

Limited time to Coach

Most Sales Leaders and Managers spend time doing three things. Chasing business, measuring results or managing people. There is no time left to coach and train your team.

“I never realized how getting all the team to use the same approach would not only simplify my life but also improves results. Since adding High Performance Sales Team Coaching to the business now when opportunities are discussed we are using the same vocabulary and respond better and quicker to customer needs. Rather than wasting time.”

Our Solution

Man is suit looking over water and fog

Know Where You Stand

“Game film” analysis of the current state of every “MUST WIN” deal.

Game Plan

Game Plan

Game Plan development based on critical customer personnel, issues, and time frames.

Coach your teams a coach with a young baseball player

Coach Your Teams

Coach your team on Red Zone Selling principles that are easy to use, implement, and apply directly to your actual “MUST WIN” deals

Hand Off to Your Sales LEadership

Using an Adoption vs. Compliance approach we make it simple for your sales leaders to implement and embed in your sales culture.

Why Choose us?

“We’re dedicated to making everyone more successful in business and in life!”© Our team brings decades of experience at every size and level of organization to the table. From improving Customer Service to selling nine figure deals. It includes Senior Level Strategies we have developed for CEO’s, Sales and Operational leaders to implementing programs to accelerate small neighborhood companies and world wide organizations alike. Our experience includes building a business from the ground up to leading multinational organizations.


  • Onsite Programs 
  • Web Based Team Wide Coaching
  • SKO and OBR Sessions
  • Team Assements
  • Corporate Sales Coaching Programs
  • High Acheivers Workshops

High Performance Sales Team Coaching

Talk to Tim

My team and I work with sales professional all day. We help individuals and organizations get amazing results quickly. Give us 15 minutes. Tell me about your team, your business, and your challenges.If I think I can help I’ll tell you and if I can’t we’ll tell you that too. 

High Performance Sales Team Coaching is about doing the things Sales Managers and business owners can’t.  developing the skills seller need in today’s competitive B2B selling environment and creating a repeatable process that works for your business.  Not because of lack of skill or passion but because of the time it takes to run the business.  Making sure your “A” players become hall of fame sellers and your new hires develop into true sales professionals.

I’ve been there as a sales leader in a global role and as a small business owner.  Other demands take the time away from the sales team, the customers and the over all revenue and margin results.  If you aren’t happy with where you are take a little time step back and let’s have a conversation about your challenges and needs.

The best way to find out if High Performance Sales Coaching is a fit for you and the team starts with a conversation.

Looking for Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals Instead of Teams?

Finding the Best Sales Coach for You provides guidance on how to find a coach that is a fit and can change your career.

RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App The Time is Now!

We build our coaching clients success on three principals 

Platforms + Mentoring + Coaching

The set of best practices are methodology and crm agnostic.  When it comes to complex must win opportunities often we pair our coaching with the RedZone Sales Opportunity Management App.

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