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2021 Planning Guide

Business Planning for 2021

What we knew has changed. It’s not bad, just different. The historical perspective is great but rebuilding what has been shouldn’t be the future. It’s been said a million times,…

It’s a Scary Time For Sales

This month we’re having a bit of fun with a Halloween theme but also it’s a scary time for sales.  It’s Q4 in a crazy year. Planning conversations for 2021…
Pink Broken Heart

OEMs need to add value to their Channel Partners

When times are good, markets are booming and industries are growing as the saying goes “the rising tide raises all boats” OEMs often look at their channel partners as a…
Building Wealth and Managing Your Money

Creating Wealth and Managing Your Money

Many people dream of “being rich”. Sadly most people don’t have the right relationship with money to make that very achievable dream happen. Rocky Lalvani take on your relationship with…
Winning vs Success

Winning vs Success with Shawn Harper

Today’s episode features former NFL player Shawn Harper and he discusses the difference between winning vs success. You can listen to the episode here, watch the Video, or of course…
2 My Journey From Fear Show Notes Graphic

My Journey From Fear an Interview

These are the show notes and highlights of a Conversation with the Author of the Eggshell Effect – My Journey from Fear” Joel Holc. Click Here to visit Joel’s site…
How To Align Marketing

Aligning Marketing With Business Goals

Aligning Marketing with Business Goals seems like a challenge many companies face. We talk to Andrew Deutsch about how to accomplish this objective, the benefits of a fractional CMO and…
Show Notes image Template 1190 x 670

Creating a Culture of Business In Mozambique

Creating a Culture of Business Start Ups and Entrepreneurship is a daring new thing for many of the people in Mozambique. In the United States it’s part of who the…
02 Show Notes Building Companies That Can Scale Quickly

Companies that can Scale Quickly

Building Companies That Can Scale Quickly is something that has to be done with intention and purpose. Claire Chandler is our guest on this episode and that is exactly what…

Sales Coaching

If you were a boxer, a quarterback, or a singer you'd already have a coach. laern about the power of sales coaching
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