Planning a Better Sales Call Episode 2

Planning a Better Sales Call Episode #2

Regardless of your role, here are 7 strategies for Planning a Better Sales Call that will help anyone who is participating in a meeting be more actively and effectively involved.…
What With the Bowtie Nerd Episode 1

What’s With the Bowtie Nerd? Episode #1

“What’s with the Bowtie Nerd” is an informal introduction to our Very own Bowtie Nerd Tim Kubiak along with the kinds of actionable information, business advice, and tips to look…

Your Promiscuous Data – Cookies

Welcome to Part 2 of Your Promiscuous Data a new data privacy and cyber security series. This week’s topic is cookies.  Not the kind that Mom or Grandma made and…

Your Promiscuous Data – Data Privacy

Welcome to Your Promiscuous Data – Our new data privacy and security series. Over the next few weeks we will be delving into various subjects all related to your electronic…
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