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Be Relentlessly Yourself with Evelien Van es

Create a more fulfilling professional life and career by being relentlessly yourself. Today we are joined by Autoher, coach, and speaker Evelien Van es who works with corporations, entrepreneurs, and…

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Welcome to my Q2 2021 Kick-off sales celebrations. Enough with the formality. This is part 1 of 3 from that event and covers lead generation and appointment setting with fresh…
The Right Leads

The Right Leads Not the Number of Leads

It’s the right leads not the pure number of leads that matter. Yes this week we’re actually going to talk about leads. Not any old lead but about having the…
resize Are you Selling What You Want

Are You Selling What the Customer Wants?

It’s easy to begin selling what you think the customer wants, or what you are comfortable with rather than what the customer wants to buy. It happens in the mad…

Finding Franchise Freedom

Have you found yourself with a career crossroads and impasse? Maybe you’re not certain what you want to do. Maybe it could come by finding franchise freedom. A few months…


For the past few months, we have been working with our sales coaching, mentoring, and consulting clients on their strategic plan for 2021. With a year of varying business highs…
SN Episode 52 Jeff Harry

The Importance of Rediscovering PLay

Put two men in bowties together to talk about the importance of rediscovering the importance of play and what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing as Tim and Jeff Harry take…

The Right People

I was a guest this week on an episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast hosted by Guiseppe GrammaticoIn this episode, we chat a little of everything about sales, work transitions,…
SN Finding the Right Funding for Your Business

Finding Business Funding

Finding business funding is often portrayed as part black magic and the other part eternal mystery. Yes getting the money you need to grow your business can be confusing and…

Sales Coaching

If you were a boxer, a quarterback, or a singer you'd already have a coach. laern about the power of sales coaching
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