A Day in the Life of a CEO

A Day in the Life of the CEO with Lynn Murphy who is an accomplished CEO, Innovator, and Thought Leader with high growth companies..Everyone thinks they know what it’s like to lead a company and grow a business, Lynn shares her experience, insight, and thoughts on how she as a C Suite Executive approaches the business, the importance of employees, and what life is like for a senior exec.

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Lynn’ s Bio After 20+ years leading multi-national P&L’s in the Tech industry ranging in size from $20M to $2.6B I realized there were some critical “must haves” to driving high growth results. The first step is to understand the problems you are solving for your target customer and then build a vision, strategy and execution plan around improving the customer experience. With that clearly defined you can drive your brand strategy and operational transformation plan (people, process, tools) and differentiate yourselves in the market. In order to drive sustained growth, you need to pay attention to your culture.

Tim Kubiak is a Business Geek, Nomad, Aging Metal Head, Nerd, & Coffee Addict. Plus the only big guy at Hot Yoga. For over 25 years he's been building high-performance sales teams globally. With over 2 billion in lifetime sales in goods and services. Tim works as a coach mentor with Founders, Business Owners, Executives, and High Performing individuals to transform companies, bring new solutions to market and achieve their professional goals.

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