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Are You Selling What the Customer Wants?

Are you Selling what you want to sell of what Customers want to buy?

It’s easy to begin selling what you think the customer wants, or what you are comfortable with rather than what the customer wants to buy. It happens in the mad rush to make the sale. So often sales professionals start positioning “solutions” they think will fit.

The challenge is are you selling what you want to sell?

Or are you selling what the customer wants to buy?

Reasons You May be Selling What You Want

Comfort with a particular offer or solution.

Discomfort, lack of experience, or lack of confidence with a new, different or expanded offer or solution.

Lack of customer qualification. Are they a fit? Be honest with yourself not everyone is a good prospect and not every customer

Not asking enough questions to gain true insight to the clients needs.

Selling What the Customer Wants

If business isn’t closing like you expected and you’ve been doing the work sometimes, most times really it’s a simple fix. Take a moment, take a deep breath,

Step back, and understand if you’ve begun positioning a solution without really understanding the customer’s needs. some things to remember

No one cares about your stuff, they care about their problems.

What is their problem?

Does your solution cost them money or make them money?

How can you solve their problem? Or can you?

Ask more questions, don’t assume a customer understands what you do. They don’t, their job is to know their business you job to to make their life, better, more profitable, etc.

Think of it as if you were going to a doctor. The doc comes in and starts telling what the cure is before you told them what was wrong. Before a conversation, some testing, maybe a bit of reading. You’d think they were a quack. If you come into an opportunity with a ready-made solution before learning what the customer wants. You, my friend, might be the quack.

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Tim Kubiak is a Business Geek, Nomad, Aging Metal Head, Nerd, & Coffee Addict. Plus the only big guy at Hot Yoga. For over 25 years he's been building high-performance sales teams globally. With over 2 billion in lifetime sales in goods and services. Tim works as a coach mentor with Founders, Business Owners, Executives, and High Performing individuals to transform companies, bring new solutions to market and achieve their professional goals.

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