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Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful – a Review

Be Patient, Pre Present, Be Kind by Ryan Stanley

If you ever happen across me when traveling a peek into my backpack would yield an alarming number of allergy meds (I love plants but my sinus say otherwise), a very road worn boat anchor of a computer most likely with a dead battery, countless post-it note fulled journals, notebooks, and tablets, and “several books”. Which is a polite way of saying 2 to 5 tomes that are peek into where my thoughts are as I stare into the nothingness of an airport. Recently I added to my permanent traveling collection is “Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful” by Ryan Stanley. Available at Amazon and his site.

The book came into my life as a gift from Ryan himself. At first, I read it straight through cover to cover as you would do with most books. Then I took the advice to toss it in my backpack and reference it when I needed a boost. It works brilliantly in bite-sized bits whether it’s to reground myself at the moment.

Most books for adults are page after page of the same text, the same fonts, occasionally authors get “wild” and throw in a graphic or flow chart. Quotes from other works have become commonplace headers at chapter introductions.   Instead of the standard fare, Ryan has mixed fonts and colors of the text. Added in the art to accentuate the drawings.  Red pages for “Band-Aids” soft blue pages for the start of the chapters.

Mix in a quote for inspiration. The book is a beautiful blend of ideas, actions, affirmations. The message is consistent without feeling repetitive using new examples, thoughts, and techniques to touch the reader and keep them engaged. Script drawings to capture your childlike imagination.

It truly is an easily accessible unique work that is light and small enough to tuck into the back pocket of a pair of jeans, an easily reachable spot in the car, or in my case an overloaded backpack waiting to be pulled back out when the moment or the day calls for it.

Rather than dissect and analyze it further it’s better to show how I’m using it. Paper clips for places to go back to or parts I want to share with others. Until that time I’ll do my best to be patient.

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If you missed it Ryan was a guest on Bowties and Business a little while back. You can listen to it on the site, apple podcasts, or read the show notes. He has also been featured in my weekly newsletter. If you don’t already get it please consider subscribing.

Tim Kubiak is a Business Geek, Nomad, Aging Metal Head, Nerd, & Coffee Addict. Plus the only big guy at Hot Yoga. For over 25 years he's been building high-performance sales teams globally. With over 2 billion in lifetime sales in goods and services. Tim works as a coach mentor with Founders, Business Owners, Executives, and High Performing individuals to transform companies, bring new solutions to market and achieve their professional goals.

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