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The Eggshell Effect by Joel Holc

The Eggshell Effect by Joel Holc

The Eggshell Effect My Journey From Fear ” by Joel Holc. “The Willingness to be Vulnerable is the Access to Freedom.” As a life long builder of walls meeting with, reading, and getting to know someone who has been there and moved through that is a powerful experience. Below is a brief review of the book. Personally, it was a powerful read that mirrored and at times even amplified work I had done (or am doing) with others, my therapist, in my yoga practice, and with my loved ones. You can catch Joel the September 22nd episode of the Bowties and Business Podcast. The book is available for pre-order.

Book Review: The Eggshell Effect by Joel Holc

When you read a lot sometimes you don’t expect the world to change and new doors to open each time you pick one up. Yet from the beginning of the Eggshell Effect there was something there. There was something about Joel thought that draws you in.  His honesty, his struggles, his victories. His life story alone is reason enough to read” The Eggshell Effect”. It is a life that reads like fiction with its hidden secrets, complicated worlds and careers created to keep them that way, and travels. Then add in the highest highs and lowest lows that can come in relationships, in business, in health, and in your own view of your circumstances. Yet it’s not fiction, it is very real. Most people in America die within 50 miles of where they are born. Joel’s story is literally lived throughout the world.  Though it’s a book about a journey it is not meant as a book about travel.

Books don’t touch me, not at my core, not emotionally. My therapist thinks I should work on having feelings. We’ll leave that debate to her and me. Books though; they are a thing I love for how they feed my mind with facts, places, and yes the imagination. This was different. I found myself and the journey I’ve have been on for the past few years presented back to me in another man’s story. One of success but no joy, one of the relationships that didn’t work but no comprehension of why, and one where the world sees what you present to it but you truly don’t and can’t see yourself.

Yes at its core it’s a story about Joel Holc who like you I knew nothing of before a few weeks ago. The byline ‘ My Journey from Fear” is not only about the challenges, the setbacks, a dire health diagnosis but what it took for him to not only know where he was but why his world was exactly the way it was and then be able to accomplish more than he ever thought possible and begin living his life from a place of love and understanding rather than fear.

The themes repeat in a way that allows you to build on the teachings, there are invitations to reflect on and work along in your own way at the end of each chapter. Sometimes you may smile at this, others you may cringe at what you discover but just like the ever-present themes in the book, it’s all a path forward.

If you already meditate parts of it can easily be incorporated into your existing practice. The same is true if you journal. You may recognize parts of yourself in the characters. If you work on your spirituality, consider options outside of western medicine, and notice the energy of others and how it affects you there is something here for you. Even if none of these hold true, Joel’s story is one that is in each way our story. The one of who we are. How the world sees us, and how we see the world. Ultimately that determines whether we find joy and peace or not.   

About Joel Holc

Joel Holc is an energy awareness coach and an emerging author in the healing arts. His book, The Eggshell Effect, reveals the story of how he discovered the source of his lifetime of illness, and how he powerfully transformed his health beyond the limitations set for him by the conventional medical establishment. In his book, and in his work with clients, he creates a space for others to become self-aware, in a way that enables them to tap into their energy source, a source that empowers them to choose freely throughout their life’s journey.

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