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Building and Maintaining Relationships with Jessica Couto

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Today we will be discussing Building and Maintaining Relationships with my friend and guest Jessica Couto. 

Jessica is a consistent winning technology executive ( Women of the Channel, 5 Star Channel Programs,, ETC) and  the VP of North America Channels at Vectra.  Vectra® is the leader in AI-based network detection and response (NDR) solution for cloud, SaaS, data center and enterprise infrastructures.

Jessica Couto  Channel Sales Leader and award winning executive.

In her role as a channel leader, Jessica has repeatedly built extremely successful channel programs which drive sales and revenue for her partner community.

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Strengths in Building and Maintaining Relationships

Her strengths are taking cyber security start-up companies to the channel community and providing for training, margin and sales with cutting edge cyber security solutions.

She has been able to build connections with many businesses worldwide in the commercial and Federal space with her 24+ years’ experience in IT and security. Jessica has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management.

Building and Maintaining Relationships Opening Questions  

You have been a Channel and Sales Leader in Several interesting places. How did Tech become your career of choice?

For our listeners that are newer to business can you explain what a Channel Partner is and how they help an OEM?

I’m pretty much a nerd. You’re a successful executive in the Security space. What advice would you give to someone just starting out that is interested in a career like yours?

Keys to Building Relationships

When it comes to supporting the companies that are your customers how do you strategically plan to incorporate a relationship that is more than opportunistic or transnational into your business?

What are some things you have done personally to build your professional network?

How can people bring value to you either personally or professionally in a relationship?

You’re an accomplished public speaker and a killer presenter. How do you use those talents to grow your personal brand as well as your business?

Is part of Enabling the channel part of your relationship building?

Tips for Maintaining Relationships

Sales is a strange business. Technology sales is a little stranger because people change companies every few years as new products evolve or are created. What advice do you have for keeping in contact and staying t to partners and other people in the industry as they move around?

Did you have a mentor early on in your career that you are still in contact with?

Does the 80/20 rule fit into your business and if so how does that affect where and how you spend your time, effort, and resources?

I know that you have a strong network of people who want to work for you again and again. How does a leader build that kind of loyalty?

Closing Question

How have you seen the Pandemic Change how bushiness gets done?

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