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Motivation and Inspiration with Dominick Domasky of Motivation Champs

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Dominick Domasky is an inspirational author, storyteller and founder of the inspiration sharing and publishing platform Motivation Champs. Dominick is the author of the inspirational books “The Journey of a Grunt” and “Don’t Double Bread the Fish”, and creator and co-author of the hit books “The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood” and “Go Ask Your Dad”.

He recently released the hard-hitting eBook “How to Write a Book in 2020” and it immediately became a bestseller on Amazon. Dominick’s greatest accomplishments are his two children, and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be.

To learn more or purchase Dominick’s books.  

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You can find Dominick and Motivation Champs at the following places:

Part One: Motivation Champs and About Dominick

One of your key messages that I love is that everybody has a story and you’re no exception. If you would please share yours with our listeners.

In 2005, Dominick had a 100 seat restaurant and was under financed. Unfortunately, it failed and he was left with a half a million in debt that took him 7 years to pay off. Along the way, he found the power of writing down his goals and used that as one of the tools to continue to drive him forward.

His publishing career started in 2014 and he said he made “every mistake there was”. He jumped in with a publisher and along the way in telling his story others began asking him to help them share their stories. It was a natural progression and grew out of a genuine place to help others write books.  

What has Kept Him Driven as He Climbed Out from a Failed Business

“Something has to keep you motivated.” There are so many times where people questioned his constant positivity. He views it as a skill and something that he works on every single day.

Quoting the legendary Zig Zigler, “Motivation is like a shower I recommend it daily”. His drive was inspired and helped along by “The World’s Greatest Salesman” and gave him the idea of “I must persist until I succeed”. He’d go on to read and study Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peel, and Joel Osteen. He’d implement their lessons and became better and stronger. When you are scared and in the darkest moments it gave him the skills and clarity to see past the immediate problem and now has the tools to power through that adversity.

How Many Doors Kid You Knock on to Make a sale when you were selling “Yellow Pages” Advertising

It’s all about the rejection. Sales is 90% rejection. With every rejection you are closer to a sale. Sometimes sales calls are about being in the wrong place, being blocked by a gate keeper and being chased by a dog,

You have to make a decision when the sign on the door says No Soliciting.  You can leave, never come back and quit sales or you can call them and find a way to get in front of that business. There are thousands of things you can do or you can give up. You need to go through those doors or pick up that phone.

Your belief that what you are offering is something of value they could use. SMOKE, is just any reason they don’t buy, because they are busy, need more info or have others selling them that same product. Then it’s your job to get through there excuses.

What is Motivation Champs

Motivation Champs is an inspiration sharing and publishing platform. Their goal is to share inspiration, smiles and positivity 24/7 on all of their social platforms.

Additionally they help people share that story in books.  

How did you Find Your Life’s Work

It’s all a journey and I am not the same person that I was at 23. We all grow, and change and my goal is to be the best me that I can be. I learned from my father to have passion about what you do. He loved every moment of his business and is in his 70’s and still works 6 days a week.

The idea developed to write the first story, then to speak and share it. Dominick’s true love is to share and make other people smile. Everyone takes motivation differently and his job is to deliver the content in the way that works for them.

Have You Been Able to Message the Upside of Social Media

You still have to be out in person. You need to make a good video and since everyone gets their content differently you need to be on a variety of platforms.

How Do You Bridge All of the Different Genres

It’s unique because my message is inspiration with a slice of humor. Part of that is recognizing that “your message” is not my message. I find the inspiration. I study and look for people that have charisma and a message to share.   

Dominick is never afraid to reach out and share a message with anyone from celebrities to the average person and reaching out when they inspire him. Part of that is recognizing the talent and importance of stories dissimilar to your own. Like Paul Gray from Kansas who shares a message of God’s love and grace or Rasheed the Motivator from the south side of Chicago. Two of Motivation Champs successes that Dominick helped to get their message out to the audience that they were intended for.

I follow people whose content I enjoy and am never afraid to send encouragement to them. People can share a message that resonates for them. They have authors from Dubai, Australia and California and finding new authors has become grass roots.

Did the Speaking Business grow into the Book Business

The speaking began once the book came out and morphed from the book. Dominick began before then on twitter and created something tangible. His work with his clients are ongoing and he sees them as a lifelong partner and is always promoting them and looking for new opportunities for them.   

An example is Brian P Swift whose idea led to the creation of a screen play that they wrote together. Ideas can start on a napkin and turn into anything.     

What led you to create “How to write a book in 2020”

The old ways may work but Dominick recognized so many people were overwhelmed with the publishing process. Just like sales there may be a better way. So the book is really there to show people that they can publish today and that it’s easier than it’s ever been.

There are 50 different ways to get there, plus styles and tips from other successful authors. He kept it simple and easy to read. You can use them one by one and apply them to your vision.

How did the YouTube channel become a family project

Discovering Inspiration is a show that was started with Dominick’s son who loved being behind the camera. It became a way for him to encourage his son in doing things he loved, in this case it was being behind the scenes.  

Watching his evolution as a young man who appreciated people whom faced adversity to overcome their challenges. It is also a way to show him that anything is possible.

Dominick’s daughter prefers to be in front of the camera so they use challenges, TikTok and other interests as a way to share quality time together.  

Advice for Helping Younger People Find Their Passion

We are only one generation removed from a single family income, and two generations from having aunts and uncles all in the same house. It’s a lot of pressure. So live your life and look at where you want to be and what transferable skill you are learning. It’s a means to an end. Push toward what you want.

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