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Things to Consider When Business Conditions Scary Episode #9

Things to Consider When Business Conditions are Scary Episode #9 of Bowties and Business Podcast

This week we take on what to do when the stock markets are down and fears are rising.  Or said less politely “Things to Consider when Business Conditions are Scary”. The short answer is businesses make adjustments, they evaluate, adjust to weather the storm, adjust course and go on. 

In this episode Tim talks about his experiences with the run up to Year 2000, Post 9/11 Business conditions and the telecom meltdown and how the 2008 financial crisis ultimately gave rise to more opportunities in many industries

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Tim Kubiak is a Business Geek, Nomad, Aging Metal Head, Nerd, & Coffee Addict. Plus the only big guy at Hot Yoga. For over 25 years he's been building high-performance sales teams globally. With over 2 billion in lifetime sales in goods and services. Tim works as a coach mentor with Founders, Business Owners, Executives, and High Performing individuals to transform companies, bring new solutions to market and achieve their professional goals.

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